Welcome to my sewing studio

I used to do all my sewing on the dining room table, but my husband got tired of my stuff all over all the time. So I moved into my daughter's former bedroom and redecorated it into a custom-made quilting studio, doing all the work myself. First I repainted the walls in my favorite color -- green! I tore out the wall-to-wall carpeting and laid a wood panel floor. I took off the normal closet doors and replaced them with sliding doors which would not need so much room to open. I filled the closets with a basket system so there would be plenty of room for my fabric stash. I went to a second-hand office furniture store where I was able to customize my desk and work table.

What else would I have but quilted curtains? They turned out heavier than I expected even without batting.

It might look like a messy desk -- I like to keep my own special brand of order. I know what I have where and can find it when I need it. Within arm's reach is my printer, computer, CDs, desk lamp and sewing machine.The drawers are on wheels and hold my office supplies and sewing notions. The swivel chair can be adjusted in every way imaginable.

If I just turn my chair I can watch TV or video while I'm sewing. The book shelves also hold all my quilting and handicrafts books as well as a bunch of science fiction tapes. On the right is a Star Trek poster. OK, this is not a pretty sight, but it sure is convenient. Right now the VCR is out for repairs so the tapes are laying on the floor.

This is a picture of the basket system in the wardrobe for my fabric stash. Above the wardrobe there is a space hidden by the curtains where I keep larger things like my quilting frame and rolls of batting. My design wall is a piece of flannel nailed to the top of the wardrobe which I roll up behind the curtains when not in use. The white doors make a great background for pictures.
Studio 1

Here I am hard at work. The studio holds all my favorite things with just enough room for me to have everything at arm's length. The Quilt Inspector is also hard at work. Don't you envy her her job? I like to put my feet up on top of the drawers and watch TV while I hand sew. The cat is nestled on my legs.
Work table
This shot gives you an idea of how big my work table is. It measures 211 cm (83 1/2") by 100 cm (39 1/2") and can be raised and lowered to any height with a hydraulic foot pedal. Jealous? There is room around this table for up to 6 sewing machines if you want to come over for a quilting bee.
Notice the lamp. It has 3 special day-glow light tubes that show perfect color always. Great for those long Swedish winters with short days. I can regulate the light to shine from the top, the bottom or both ways.
Quilt Inspector

Quilt Inspector at work!

Älskling (Swedish for Sweetie) is examining my stitches and testing the comfort quotient of my quilt. Or is she just sleeping on the job?

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