I am T'Lor

I have loved Star Trek ever since I saw the pilot episode as a teenager during the 1960's. My favorite characters are the Vulcans, especially Spock and Sarek. I have over 300 Star Trek novels and copies of all the episodes and all the movies. Star Trek for me is more than an interesting book or some TV shows, it is an attitude of respect for other people. Everyone has the right to think and act as they want, as long as they extend the same respect to everyone else. This is expressed in Star Trek as IDIC, which means, "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations." In other words, the constantly changing combinations of cultures, ideas, customs, even physical attributes, is "Fascinating!" Me in my uniform
T'Lor's background:     My name is T'Lor.
  T'Lor is from the Vulcan city Shi'Kahr, where she studied Art and Design at the Vulcan Academy of Art. She joined StarFleet and studied at the StarFleet Academy in San Francisco. She is now assigned to a liason post in Gothenburg, Sweden.  
Self portrait as a quilt block

Some quilting friends wanted me to make a self-portrait for a quilt.

Hall of Fame

On November 29, 2003, I was inducted into the WCT - Swedish Trekkers Hall of Fame. The text says "Lorry - multiple trivia winner, is hereby inducted into the WCT - Swedish Trekkers Hall of Fame. For the enormous knowledge of Star Trek she possesses. For the inspiration she thereby gives others to learn more about strange new worlds."

Some of my memorabilia:

Shatner KetchupJimmy Doohan's autograph

John Rhys Davies' and Leonardo da Vinci's autograph

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